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Interactive Community

We've already grown past 1,000 true real estate investors that are actively posting valuable content, asking burning questions, and sharing inside our community chats. Unlike other online communities, we are active daily with people engaging with each other and building lasting relationships!

Weekly Training Events

Each week we host a live call bringing you brand new information about what's working in today's market. We cover everything from marketing to closing deals. This gives you a great chance to ask any questions you have on real estate as well as meet more members to build relationships with!

Nationwide Network

Our network of investors spans the entire country so you can connect with both local and nationwide investors in every all 50 states and start expanding your network! This is perfect for Virtual Wholesalers that want to meetup with investors in their virtual market and build long-term Wholesaling Partners!

Plus, Get These Powerful Investor Benefits

Our Community Benefits Give You the Advantage in the Market to Build You Business & Crush Your Goals!


One of the main reasons for joining our platform is to build priceless relationships with service providers, local professionals, and other investors so you can effortlessly close more deals. The best way to do this is by being an active member inside the best real estate investor network in the market!

  • Find Veteran Investors to Partner with on Deals!
  • Connect with Local Boots on the Ground Investors!
  • Hire the Right Real Estate Service Providers!

Tools & Resources

We continue to add more valuable resources for all our members including scripts, contracts, agreements, SOP's, software recomendations, and so much more! Inside you'll fill access to tools and resources you're going to need in order to start investing!

  • Scripts & Contracts Ready to Plug-in to Your Business
  • Tested & Reviewed Real Estate Tools & Softwares!

Here's What Others Are Saying About Wholesaling Partners!

"One of my biggest struggles has always been finding a good networking solution to meet other investors in my area as well as professionals. Out of all the online communities out there, Wholesaling Partners is by far the best one if you're an investor!"

Gabriel C.

Wholesaling Partners Member

"David Frizzell and The Wholesaling Partners in this community are fantastic! Hands down the best group in the REI space. I recommend, joining,see for yourself what journey awaits you.-Aaron Isadore"

Aaron I.

Wholesaling Partners Member

As a new Investor and still learning, I have to say that Wholesaling Partners is the best Real Estate group I have come across. The community support is definitely by far the best platform. Thank you David!

James A.

Wholesaling Partners Member

I think that David Frizzell Wholesaling Partners is the best platform that I have come across. I appreciate all the time and effort that he has devoted into giving us all the valuable information that we need to succeed in our Real Estate Business. I would recommend everyone joining Wholesaling Partners.

Yolanda J.

Wholesaling Partners Member

I have been in and around real estate and investing for a while and this is the most down to earth, realistic group I have been involved with. David brings excellent, interesting and experienced speakers/presenters to the group and presents a variety of topics that keep the learning and excitement going. I love this group.

Paula C.

Wholesaling Partners Member

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  • Motivated Seller Tactics Library
  • Cash Buyers List Building Strategies

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